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Diamond Releases May Sales; Comic Trolls Forced to Move on to New Topic



So in May, Marvel introduced a new X-Men title. You might have heard of it? Brian Wood? Olivier Copiel? All women?

Marvel publicized the hell out of the book pitching stories to not just the comic folks but other media. Like CNN. Where there were, at last count, 758 comments. 

And a lot of them were supportive. And then you have ones like this:


Oh Lewda, Lewda, Lewda. 

You and your ilk. So the opposite of smart and erudite. So the epitome of the worst of comics fans.

Oh, here's the top ten comics for May.


Given that Batman has averaged north of 135K for the last six months, I think we can guess that we know where sales on this is going to end up, right?

It's just amazing to me the vitriol that anything that has to do with women and cape comics can generate. Every week it seems that I find a new comment around women and comics to put my head and desk in what is apparently what is destined to be a long relationship. This morning I had some dude come to my blog and explain that women don't use the "right tone" when discussing issue in comics and this is why people reacted positively to Joss Whedon discussing gender issues and superheroes vs. female commentators.

Really, I can't make this shit up.

So I'm pretty happy X-Men #1 did well because Brian Wood is a great creator, Jeanine Schafer, the editor who pushed this thing forward, is smart and passionate and did a great job and because it's a good comic whether women are all the team members or not.

But yeah I'm also just a teeny happy because it makes these dudes look like the idiots their comments imply.

And Mark MY WORDS … it won't be the last time.


I could give fuckall about X-Men, but I'll totally reblog this to make that Lewda guy look like an imbecile.


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How does Superman fly?!

Suspension of disbelief.

Seriously. I don't need to know the chemical mix Peter uses for webbing. Just tell me he made it and I'll buy it as long as the story he uses it in is good.

i should note that grant morrison is the guy who decided to explain why there was a crazy space batman who lived on planet-x and called himself the batman of zurr-en-arrgh-or-whatever by saying that batman of zurr-en-arrgh-or-whatever is batman's purposefully-created secondary personality in case his brain is compromised so that he has a backup failsafe personality that still fights crime as batman but just in different colors


Does Han Solo complain about the Friend Zone when he thinks a girl he likes doesn't like him back?





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casually trying out my new 'Sano goggles! i don't have anything for Insano, so here's me as Linksano.
army jacket
black shirt
black shorts
army style handwarmers
spike belt
green belt
insano goggles

remember, insane is the new sexy
yeah, i'm a bit chubby as well, it happens.

You're like a mix of Ramona Flowers and Dr Linksano. I love it!

Do I smell a AT4W AU where it's a mix of Scott Pilgrim and AT4W?

Linkara vs the World?



thenerdyarewordy: very cute Linksano plushie that someone that...


very cute Linksano plushie that someone that was not me made!

Plushies!  =D

cesaret: "May I ask why you felt little Tiffany deserved to...


"May I ask why you felt little Tiffany deserved to die?"

I'm pretty sure this is why Tumblr gave us photosets.

This is a place.: Fandom sadness

This is a place.: Fandom sadness:



TGWTG was a huge part of my life for a very long time. It helped me through a lot of issues in my life, because it allowed me to retain my ability to laugh still. I've survived a divorce, abuse, bullying and serious depression partly because I was still able to laugh, and the site helped me with…

I realize I've had my fair share of drama. And I am sorry if that's hurt people on the sidelines, people who didn't deserve it. So rather than spread more cynicism, I'd like to spread some more positivity here.

We're not always mad at each other. I'd be lying if I said I got along with everyone, but it's the same as any family or any large group. 

But the people I am close to, the people I'm privileged to work with, they're like a second family to me. When I meet them at Magfest, at the anniversaries, it always feels like it's been days rather than a year since I've last seen them. No matter what happens down the road, these people will continue to be my lifelong friends. I'm extremely lucky people have put up with me long enough to form these friendships, and I hope we can continue to make you happy with the work we put out. Hopefully I can put the cynicism away long enough to spread some more happiness outside of that too.

paulsebert: In many ways the kill-heavy stories that became in...


In many ways the kill-heavy stories that became in vogue shortly after Identity Crisis are much worse gimmicks than the gold-foil/Lenticular/Acetate/holographic covers of the 90s. Gimmick covers didn't impede other creators abilities to tell stories with characters they wanted to use.

HMs never made any damn sense.

HMs never made any damn sense.

linkarafans: Linksano examining Pollo by ~eframTrabbit I...


Linksano examining Pollo by ~eframTrabbit

I really do love the Pollo fan recreations.  ^_^

linkarafans: I Have You Now Linkara by ~CitrusRain *Cackling*


I Have You Now Linkara by ~CitrusRain


specialedition87: zenpencils: A tribute to ROGER...



A tribute to ROGER EBERT


Be kind to one another, my friends.

The Ballad of Linkara Sheet Music

The Ballad of Linkara Sheet Music:


A while in the making, I present to you: "The Ballad of Linkara" sheet music for voice/piano! I hope piano playing AT4W fans get some use out of it!

(Cools! Thanks!) I thought I wouldn't have to bring this up again but here we go I thought I wouldn't have to bring this up again but here we go:


If you call me any variation of Goat Fucker censored or not on facebook, twitter, or anywhere else, I will block you. I don't find it in anyway humorous, never have.

It's a bad joke that for some reason people latched on to. If you find it funny you have a shitty sense of humor and are about as…

So...someone very near and dear to me lost his dad.


As many of you may or may not know, I listen to a little program every Monday called Radio Dead Air.  From 9 PM to 2 AM EDT I'm treated to music, videos, headline news of the strangest magnitude, and in general, just five hours to forget about the struggles of life.

The host, Nash Bozard, is someone I am proud and honored to call a friend and, in many respects, a colleague.  He has been gracious enough to allow me to help out with his reviews and even play games with him for the internet to see…and stuff that the internet will soon see.

However, not all is well in RDA Land.  Recently, Nash's father passed away after a long battle with a respiratory illness.  I'd attend his funeral in a heartbeat were I not approximately 1,000 miles away to the north.  So I decided to do the next best thing.

I'm issuing a call out to the RDA Army, the TGWTG fan community, and anyone else would like to help out.  It's a bit too late to order funerary flowers, but I am taking up a collection to donate to the South Carolina USO in Nash's father's memory.  Any amount will help, and any amount will support Mr. Bozard's fellow men and women in the Armed Forces of the United States.  If you'd like, I will also gladly provide you with a receipt for tax purposes.

If you'd like to give, contact me through these means:

Skype:  Dodgerinsano
e-mail: (this is also my Paypal address if you'd like to just donate)
Twitter:  @DodgerOfZion

Thank you in advance for any help you may be able to/wish to give, and even if you can't afford to donate, your well wishes for Nash will be nonetheless greatly appreciated.

crazyisoptional: So, uh…I did a thing. Linksano cosplay status:...

I apologise that these first two photos are crappy. The iPad camera really sucks.

That glow to my left? SCIENCE! I didn't just leave the TV on, honest.

SCIENCE! And, uh, curtains. Yes.

This photo is otherwise known as 'I have a sonic screwdriver and a K9 and I want you to know this'


So, uh…I did a thing.

Linksano cosplay status: COMPLETE! SCIENCE must be done now. That or finding a place where I can actually wear this thing, hehe. Damn Americans, you get all the TGWTG stuff.

Please excuse the poor quality pictures. Apparently there is not a decent camera in the whole house.


linkarafans: Atop the Fourth Wall: AT4W: Comic Book Quickies...


Atop the Fourth Wall: AT4W: Comic Book Quickies #1

I love those excerpts with That Guy In The Hat. Been awhile since we seen him.

I could go for a Hostess fruit pie… Wait… oh… T_T

Well here's a cute pic of That Guy In The Hat!

I was one of the people who like the Comic Book Ad episode and was hoping we would do something like that again.

jethroq: Signal boost for TGWTG fans, I thought this was...


Signal boost for TGWTG fans, I thought this was somewhat serious, and should be shared. It's a pretty offensive joke, and if it's still going on, I would imagine he's llost his sense of humor about it long, long time ago.

To non-TGWTG fans: Just scratch your head and try to imagine what the context of this is.

detrea: metricaprovince: Hey, remember the time Squirrel Girl kicked Wolverine's ass?  Hey,...



Hey, remember the time Squirrel Girl kicked Wolverine's ass? 


Hey, remember the time Squirrel Girl kicked Deadpool's ass?


Hey, remember the time Squirrel Girl beat the shit out of the living personification of death itself?


Hey, remember the time when Doctor Fucking Doom was scared of Squirrel Girl?


Because I sure do. :D


She actually beat doctor doom's ass back in the day, so it makes sense he'd be intimidated.

Seriously, where is her movie, though?

Squirrel Girl FTW.


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